Deloitte Demos


Deloitte demos at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference

May 17-19, 2016 | Orlando, FL


Deloitte Demos at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference - Booth 819


SAP HANA Executive Dashboard

The SAP HANA Executive Dashboard is a real-time and interactive cross-functional dashboard where corporate leaders can have a single focus point

SAP S/4HANA Finance

The move to in-memory computing on the SAP HANA platform represents the most significant innovation in enterprise applications in recent history.

Self-Serve Analytics Marketplace

Deloitte Analytics Marketplace, our self-service analytics platform, outlines a new approach to help organizations visualize data.

Smart Data Streaming with IoT

This solution enables manufacturing clients to get a real-time view of their warehouse through various sensors attached to diverse set of assets.

Voice enabled Financial Analytics

SAP HANA provides an in-memory, real-time data platform that when combined with voice provides a seamless and nimble user experience to gain insights.

Voice-enabled Reporting Delivery

Voice enabled information delivery to streamline and simplify the consumption method.

WCA Analytics

SAP S/4HANA Analytics for Working Capital demo has a variety of KPIs around Accounts Receivable that provide real-time insight into WC.

CFO Insights for Utilities

The CFO dashboard for Utilities industry helps CFO’s to address critical challenges and execute initiatives

Driving better Analytics & Forecasting with HANA

Deloitte industry expertise combines with the Supply Chain Predictive Lead Time Analytics solution to unravel supply chain complexity

Digital Finance Fiori Dashboard

Digital Finance transformation using SAP Predictive Analytics

ESRI Geo-Spatial App

The ESRI Geospatial app can help you get real-time information of what is happening at the remote sites with geospatial analytics dashboard supporting

Insights Driven Quotation Creation

The Insights Driven Quotation tool enables Sales Representatives to create a rental contract quotation quickly and effectively.

Internet of Things Insights

IoT sensors and SAP HANA enable companies to respond in real-timeto critical information from the edge, which was virtually impossible not long ago.

In-Time Analytics

With In-Time, Deloitte has developed an SAP HANA optimization tool that frees up new capacities in existing systems

My Online Office (MO2)

This demo walks through how the My Online Office web application can help direct sellers grow and manage their downline organizations.

Operations Tile Dashboard

Operations Tile Dashboard is a responsive, tiles based analytics and notification dashboard, which pulls in data from disparate sources and visualizes.

Predictive Strategic Pricing Analytics

Predictive Strategic Pricing Analytics

Sales Commissions and Rebates Solution

This demo walks through how the Sales Commissions and Rebates Solution dashboard can help direct sellers grow and manage their downline organizations.

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Cloud Services Lead (SAP Ariba and Other Emerging offerings)

Ariba Direct Material Procurement

Demonstration of how Ariba Collaborative Supply Chain (CSC) solution drives efficiency by optimizing complex direct materials procurement processes.

Ariba Spot Buy

Understand simplified buying at competitive prices balancing user convenience with enhanced visibility and control.

Customer, Sales & Operations

Wholesale Distribution CSR Enhanced FIORI App

How Deloitte has enhanced SAP FIORI functionality to create a one stop shop for CSRs to track buying patterns, improve margin, and identify cross sell

Wholesale Distribution Sales Order Fulfillment

How Deloitte has enhanced SAP FIORI functionality to support Sales Representatives in managing Order Fulfillment creating a single user experience.

Digital Transformation

SAP Single Stack

We enable a digital transformation by helping clients engage at every point along the customer journey with the help of a Single Stack™ platform.

Finance Transformation Accelerator (FTA)

Closing Cockpit

Closing Cockpit Fiori App Demo

FTA - Cost Management

FTA - Cost Management

FTA – Dashboards

FTA – Dashboards

FTA - Financial Analysis - General Ledger View

FTA - Financial Analysis - General Ledger View

FTA - Financial Analysis – Management View

FTA - Financial Analysis – Management View

FTA - Integrated Payables Management

FTA - Integrated Payables Management

FTA - Integrated Accounts Receivable

FTA - Integrated Accounts Receivable

My Spend Demo

My Spend Fiori App Demo

My Unusual Items Demo

My Unusual Items Fiori App Demo

Order To Cash Demo

Order To Cash Demo

SAP Finance Labs

SAP Finance Labs

SAP Finance Labs

SAP Finance Labs

SAPPHIRE 2017 Demo Script

SAPPHIRE 2017 Demo Script

Lease Accounting - Challenges and Solutions

Detail challenges & solutions for the adoption of the new accounting standard.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Access Control - Access Risk Analysis

Highlights the usage of executing a User risk violation report and a Role Risk violation report with Remediation view.

Access Control - Emergency Access Management

Highlight the process involved in requesting super user access in GRC system.

Access Control - Request Creation Walkthrough

Highlight the process involved in submitting the user access request in GRC system.

Access Control - Simplified Access Request Demo

Highlight the procedures for submitting simplified access request for a user in GRC.

Internet of Things

Cold Chain Logistics powered by IoT

Providing reliable real time monitoring and historical analytics for “Cold supply chain” by recording critical environmental parameters.

IoT-driven Smart Shop Floor Management

Responsive and dynamic production execution system leveraging predictive analytics to manage shop floor operations.

Smart Retail enabled by RFID

Solution for retail stores to automate merchandising, optimize supply chain provide outstanding customer service and personalized marketing.


Live Factory

Demonstration of SAP Leonardo Connected IoT in a Manufacturing Environment

Transport Management Process Vehicle Insights

Enable proactive intervention on truck cargo based on milestone-based real-time status tracking;Create insights into the status of the cargo based on.

Pre-Configured Solutions

Deloitte Food Safety and Quality Solution

Demo on Audit Management, QIM and integration with OpenText.

DLife on Cloud

SAP S/4HANA 1610 Life Sciences Preconfigured solution - maximizes client’s value by combining Deloitte’s expertise in Life Sciences industry.

Sale of hazardous materials with 3rd Party Mfg

Customer sales cycle of a hazardous material which is sourced from internal and contracted manufacturing.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Sales and Logistics Cockpit powered by SCP

Solution to empower sales and warehouse managers with tools for process monitoring, decision making and accelerating business operations.

SAP SCP - Profitability Analytics

Single Allocation and Profitability Analytics Dashboard on SAP Cloud Platform

Supply Chain KPI Dashboard

Dashboard to summarize the overall health of supply chain at all strategic level. The solution provides unique foresight in order to prevent issues.

O&G Capabilities on S4HANA Public Cloud

Demo of removing payment blocks and creating credit memo's for customers in an Oil and Gas context on SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud

SAP HANA Platform

In-Time Diagnostic provides the insights into HANA

With Deloitte Advanced Diagnostics, database administrators are able to understand their HANA’s utilization and identify optimization opportunities.

Optimize Batch Processing in SAP HANA with In-Time

Deloitte In-Time parallelizes the calculation of partitions and provides a tool to observe this parallelization in a detailed manner.

Reduce the CPU consumtion in SAP HANA using In-Time

The HANA's TCO is reduced due to the reduction of CPU consumption and enablement of constant response times independent of the system load.

SAP HANA App for Sentiment Analysis Optimzed by In-Time

To make right decisions at right times the unstructured opinion information must be gathered and analyzed: In-Time helps keep responce time short.

SAP HANA TCO reduction thanks to In-Time: RT vs In-Time

The demo illustrates how the In-Time to calculations for high-load analytic applications in SAP HANA can reduce the TCO over the application lifecycle.

SAP Hybris

Deloitte Hybris Billing Solutions

This demo showcases Deloitte's subscription and service metering billing solution, including the use of configurable products and partner settlement.

SAP Multi-Resource Scheduling

SAP MRS Deloitte Demonstration

Deloitte's implementation story on the SAP MRS product.


ASOP Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in S/4HANA

Learn how S/4HANA can be supercharged with RPA to free up resources for critical initiatives, streamline processes, & drive competitive advantages.

DASH - EMEA S/4 HANA 1610 pre-configured solution

Pre-configured SAP S/4HANA 1610 for EMEA clients

D-DASH - The Data Hub for D-LeaPs

This demo focuses on value D-DASH data hub adds to D-LeaPs SAP S/4HANA industry solutions by jump-starting the data migration process with high quality.

Sales and Finance Dashboards

Sales and Finance Dashboards

SAP SuccessFactors


A more accessible, more intuitive HR experience on cloud and mobile.

HR FastForward™ your success with Deloitte

HR FastForward™ your success with Deloitte

SAP Technology Services – Infrastructure as a Service

CFO/CIO Dashboard & Report on DCP Contract Metrics

Customer Facing Executive Level Reporting on DCP Contract Performance based on established SLAs & other Metrics.

Deloitte Cloud Platform - End to End Monitoring

End to end monitoring of SAP applications and infrastructure deployed on Deloitte Cloud Platform powered by AWS.

FAST/4 Migration of ERP to Deloitte Cloud Platform

Leverage AWS's FAST/4 Approach and SAP's new enhanced Data Migration Option (DMO) for rapid migration of SAP ERP to DCP powered by AWS.

New Customer Environment - Rapid Deployment on DCP

Jump start new SAP implementations by leveraging Deloitte preconfigured solutions w. rapid deployment on Deloitte Cloud Platform powered by AWS.

SAP Technology Services – Mobility

Field Sales Mobile Solution

Mobile App to manage accounts, opportunities and interaction history, including advanced analytics for insights into sales and forecast data.

Reliability Engineer / Asset Management App

Mobile app featuring predictive maintenance for machines and analytics for financial health of machines, including history of maintenance information.

Warehouse Operator/Supervisor app

Mobile app providing managerial overview into warehouse operations, performance metrics, analytics, access exception reporting and grief handling.

Supply Chain Management

A Supply Chain greater than the sum of its parts

Understand how the SAP Certified Deloitte Exponential Supply Chain Solution can create supply chain and operations value across your enterprise.

SAP Integrated Business Planning

Demonstrstion of all modules in the SAP Integrated Business Planning Platform; from Demand Sensing to Response Management.