Insight Driven Organization

How to leverage Analytics and AI capabilities for success​


Enterprises recognize the potential that lies in data analytics and AI. For the past few years  they have been heavily investing into analytical  teams and capabilities. However, the more mature an enterprise becomes, the harder it is to evolve. That is why executives seek market benchmarks and best practices on how to leverage Analytics and AI capabilities to success.​

Typical challenges: Overloaded with ad-hoc tasks that  do not generate ROI; Poor data quality is impacting the results; Technology landscape is  becoming more and more complex; Disconnect between analytics and the business; Unrealistic managerial expectations and slow decision making.​


An IDO builds a culture of asking the right questions and constructs an ecosystem of data, digital, cognitive and innovation capabilities to support an analytical culture. A truly insight-driven organisation is one that uses its data to underpin decision-making at every level, across the organisation. Raw data is transformed into insights that are embedded into the business’s processes and surfaced in the right way at the right time. This means they become integral to decision making – both operational and strategic. Deloitte provides complex support on journeys toward becoming IDO.​


  • Transform a growing volume of data into measurable business value​
  • Gain lasting competitive advantage from existing data assets ​
  • Improve the speed and quality of decisions, while reducing the costs of decision making​
  • Shift insight-driven decision making from an executive-level pursuit into an all-employee pursuit​
  • Harness the power of AI and utilise it to generate tangible benefits​

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Tervel Šopov

Tervel Šopov


Tervel is a consulting director responsible for AI&Data Strategy, Data Science and Machine learning market offerings in Deloitte Central Europe. Tervel has worked in the space of analytics, data and A... More