Deloitte SafeSpace: a whistleblowing tool

Detect internal misconduct and frauds in time

Have you ever thought about ways to prevent information leaks regarding confidential company matters? Have you been looking for solutions that allow employees to report unfair and unlawful practices through an internal whistleblowing system that helps detect internal misconduct and frauds?

Are you considering introducing an ethics line? And did you know that in accordance with the new EU directive on the protection of whistleblowers and related regulations, you may be required to report unfair or unlawful practices?

You may have recently heard about several corporate scandals that were reported in the media after the employees of these entities had publicly exposed sensitive information: unfortunately, they are often the ones who bring internal information to the public. This is due to the fact that employees are among the first to learn about violations of rules; they also have access to evidence material but rather prefer not to report these facts to the company: either because they are afraid of retaliation or because there is no internal whistleblowing system available. This is naturally wrong. Thanks to the timely detection of frauds or internal misconduct, you can prevent criminal, financial and reputational risks.

Deloitte SafeSpace: a comprehensive digital whistleblowing solution

Deloitte SafeSpace is a comprehensive service and technology for receiving and processing whistleblowing notifications that allows employees to report issues or concerns through the personalised Deloitte Halo platform. As part of this solution, you will get an overview of past incidents sorted by whistleblowing channels (regardless of channels), the type of incident or the location; in addition, you will get plenty of extra information including a complete whistleblower protection, personalisation and non-stop access.

Whistleblowing system

The Deloitte Halo platform is an end-to-end solution that offers:

Complete protection of the whistleblower’s identity

Whistleblowers may decide whether they want to remain anonymous or not.

Non-stop service

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Various whistleblowing channels

Webform, e-mail or telephone line – all within a single platform.

Multiple language versions

Our solution covers most European languages; currently, we provide our services, inter alia, in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Effective communication

You can communicate with the whistleblower through the assigned unique ID that is used to re-log to the notification and the Deloitte Halo “Feedback” functionality, which allows the client to inform the whistleblower about the result of the notification review.

Effective case management system

Used for sorting and managing notifications. An overview of notifications is available on dashboards in real time together with historical trends; these functions can only be accessed by a user that is authorised by the client – an impartial person in charge of reviewing notifications.

All notifications are recorded and analysed by trained Deloitte investigators

Each notification is processed in the form of a report; investigators promptly escalate high-risk notifications.

Webform and interview customisation

A webform and instructions on how to conduct a telephone interview according to individual needs of each client.

Maintaining audit trail

For the purpose of recording all changes and actions related to the notifications and many other benefits.

Did you know that both the new EU directive on the protection of whistleblowers and the bill allow obliged entities to outsource the operation of an ethics line? This allows companies to outsource all technical, analytical and legal aspects related to the implementation and efficient operation of the line to external providers and to pursue their day-to-day agenda without interruption.

Are you considering introducing an ethics line but do not know how to do it? Do you already have a whistleblowing solution but you are not sure if it meets the requirements of the EU directive?

Our multidisciplinary team of data analysts, professional investigators and lawyers will help you to not only properly implement a functional whistleblowing solution tailored to your company, but also to train your employees and management to ensure its efficient functioning.

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