Workforce Transformation

Work, workforces and workplaces are responding to technological and societal disruptors at an exponential pace. Success depends on having a strategy that reimagines all aspects of workforce management from accessing, aligning, engaging, rewarding and, ultimately, leading the workforce of the future.

Talent & Performance ManagementRetain key know-how and talented people and attract needed experts

We design and optimize strategies for the full talent workforce ecosystem based on data and proven methodologies to support employee engagement, performance and results. This includes an approach to talent acquisition and retention, motivation and performance management and adaptation to new work models, such as agile workplace.

Our services include
  • Job Positions Structure Design
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Strategies
  • Career Development, Succession Planning & Retention
  • Capability and Competency Management

Leadership, Engagement & CultureEquip leaders with the competencies and skills they need to adapt to new working conditions

We will help you build capabilities, skills, and mindset of leaders at all levels so they are able to better respond to the changing needs of teams and individuals and adapt new approaches to people management and performance. Using tools such as Design thinking will help you formulate and structure strategic ambitions and plan innovations in specific steps.

Our services include
  • Design and execution of leadership development programs
  • Adaptation to mobile work and its management
  • Culture Change & Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Strategy
  • CxO Transition Lab

Innovative Learning SolutionsReplace traditional forms of education with innovative approaches and technologies

We create next-generation learning experiences while enabling the creation of careers and experiences. Services include learning strategy, custom content development, and technology solutions with access to preferred partners and vendors.

HR Analytics and PlanningUse the potential of the HR data

We provide insights for the client workforce around composition, skills and capabilities, demographics, productivity and issues through data and AI powered tools to generate insights for optimal workforce strategy, redesign and execution.

Wellbeing & Rewards StrategyKeep your employees happy

We design and deliver holistic total rewards and wellbeing approaches that extend beyond traditional compensation and benefits packages. Offers strategy, design, detailed financial modeling, and implementation of “total relationship” programs.

Workforce EcosystemUse alternative staffing options effectively

We map areas of organisation in which it is necessary to work with alternative staffing options. We analyze risks associated with the involvement of contractors and propose an apporach to workforce optimalization. We develop measures that meet operational, legal or tax aspects of work with contracotrs.

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Andrea Černá

Andrea Černá


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Zuzana Kostiviarová

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Zuzana Kostiviarová is the HR management advisory leader in Slovakia and Czech Republic. She assists her clients in implementing HR trends and best practices and preparing for the future of work. She ... More