Competition Law

We play fair. We believe in fair competition. We help our clients exploit business opportunities offered by competition regulations. A business strategy that takes competition law into account eliminates the risk of regulatory sanctions and brings forth opportunities for effective cooperation.

Deloitte has just the right multi-disciplinary team needed for the task. The complexity of a business strategy rests in the need to integrate legal, economic, and business expertise.

In assessing what is and is not allowed, it is essential to know well the market, the conditions and dynamics of the industry, to calculate the role of the various players in the relevant market, and to correctly apply the multitude of rules and precedents that have developed over the decades of the existence of the applicable regulatory framework. Lawyers, economists, and experts in specific industries or products (digital, pharma, energy, etc.) know how to work together. As a result, our competition law experts do not overuse the word “no” – instead, they advise on how to proceed when a risk of restrictions from this regulation arises

How we can help you:

  • Advising on competition matters, including legal assistance in investigations by competition authorities, legal representation in administrative proceedings and subsequent litigations; 
  • Setting up competition compliance processes, including the preparation of specialised training for key persons in the company; 
  • Advising on private law recovery of damages caused by anti-competitive practices, including quantification of damages; 
  • Advising on public procurement
  • Preventing abuse of a dominant position

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Hana Gawlasová

Hana Gawlasová

Partner | Attorney at Law

Hana Gawlasová is a partner and head of the digital (formerly TMT) law practice group at Deloitte Legal in Prague. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information technology and t... More