Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment

Integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, into financing strategies and decision-making.

The financial services industry will drive our transition to a sustainable economy. A broad range of stakeholders demand financial systems that are resilient to a more complex universe of environmental and social risk and evidence they are mobilised to fund a low-carbon future and global sustainable development.

We develop responsible investment and lending strategies to help organisations manage financial exposures, environmental and social impacts and pursue market opportunities.

You can achieve competitive advantage and meet the growing market demand for green and sustainable finance solutions, integrate ESG factors and align to credible product standards.

Our sustainable finance services include:

  • Green finance: Advising on green bonds, sustainability-linked and other financings, as well as investments related to climate change, environmental, social, and sustainable development issues.
  • Responsible investment governance and lending strategy: Creation of climate, responsible & ESG investment strategy to manage portfolios according to responsible investment criteria while delivering financial return. 
  • Client engagement, sustainable finance reporting and assurance: Incorporation of client information and disclosure strategies regarding investment products offerings. 
  • Regulatory advice, portfolio ESG risk assessment, due diligence and modelling: Assessing of upcoming regulation with focus on risk mitigation, product definition and process configuration.
  • Strategy and ESG integration: Integration of ESG requirements into decision making and other core processes to mitigate risks.


Unified EU taxonomy
  • Have you defined sustainability and ESG in your related policy and are this definition already commonly adopted by the market?
Related duties and disclosures
  • Have your investors already expressed their expectations on  ESG topics?
  • Are you already able to report on the non-financial performance of your ESG product?
  • Do you consider ESG risks in your decision process, how are you monitoring and reporting these risks?
  • How do you report to your investors on compliance with your ESG criteria?
Include ESG consideration in suitability tests
  • Do you know the ESG preference of your clients?
  • How will you incorporate these preferences in the investment recommendation process?
  • How will you report to clients on how their ESG preference has been taken into consideration?

Target Clients:

  • portfolio managers
  • management companies and other institutional investors
  • banks and other financial institutions
  • insurance companies offering insurance-based investment products
  • pension funds and pension product providers
  • bond issuers 
  • underwriters
  • private equity sponsors
  • project developers

Other sources

ECN Conference: Sustainable Finance (Prague, 10-12 June 2020)
  • DAY 1: Opportunities: A European Vision on Sustainable Finance and the European #Green Deal
  • DAY 2: The Challenge: Making Crowdfunding Sustainable


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