Environmental Law

We provide expert advisory services not only in the currently discussed areas of ESG and sustainability, but also in other aspects of environmental law, such as emissions, waste management, packaging, renewable energy, or regulation in the food industry. We will help you get through all present regulatory challenges of environmental law.

How we can help you:

  • Assistance with the compensation of indirect costs associated with greenhouse gas emissions and reflected in electricity prices as well as with follow-up queries related to the accumulation of multiple forms of compensation and government aid. 
  • Advice on emissions trading or carbon tariffs.  
  • Complex services in the ESG and sustainability areas. 
  • Preparation of a tailor-made workshop to give you an introduction to the basic framework of the new sustainability regulation. 
  • GAP analysis to determine where your company stands in terms of sustainability, and the preparation of a sustainability strategy. 
  •  Identification of relevant ESG parameters and the definition of long-term, mid-term, and short-term sustainability goals. 
  •  Support with the setup of non-financial reporting processes in accordance with the existing and upcoming changes to this regulation.
  •  Provision of thorough environmental audits (Environmental Taxonomy, ESG, Due Diligence) of your own companies or companies you plan to acquire.  • Provision of comprehensive services in all renewable energy sectors.   

Our services in the areas of waste management, eco-modulation and eco-design, product labelling or recycling:  

  •  Provision of multilateral support in areas of waste, packaging, packaging materials, and product end-of-life, also in relation to the preparation of the relevant legislation. 
  •  Wide spectrum of legal services related to all aspects of your organisation’s activities and the extended producer responsibility regulation. 
  • Preparation of solutions in line with trends, such as eco-modulation, eco-design, product labelling and recycling. 
  • Provision of comprehensive legal services in food safety, food and package labelling, correct pricing, and tax assessment.  
  • Representation in all administrative and court proceedings and assistance with obtaining all authorisations required.   
Environmental Law


Martin Mintora

Martin Mintora

Managing Associate | Attorney at Law

Martin Mintora is a Manager and Attorney-at-law at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Within his legal practice, Martin helps his clients with all legal aspects of real estate investing. Martin has wide experi... More

Colette Šinská

Colette Šinská

Senior Associate | Attorney at Law

Colette Šinská is an Attorney-at-Law in the Environment department at Deloitte Legal in Prague with more than 4 years of experience in environmental regulation. She primarily focuses on carbon tax (CB... More