Company assessment

Empowering your decisions through better understanding your company

Understanding your needs and concerns is the first step for any important decision. Our proven set of company assessment tools has therefore been developed to serve this purpose, be it strategy preparation, company health checkup or an initial overview in case of a new C-level executive.

Service offering

Performance assessment

Aims at providing clear and objective data regarding the current state of your company in terms of financials, customer base, processes and employees.


Mission, vision & strategic objectives

Cross-check of key statements and objectives in light of company operations and market development.


Strategy review

Allows for a quick understanding of inner company workings and assessment of its strategy in terms of market conditions and progress in individual strategic areas, especially in case of changing market conditions.


C-level onboarding

Complex tool consisting of the aforementioned products enabling the new management to quickly understand the company. Potential additional services include Operational Due Diligence or design of management dashboarding allowing for KPI driven decision making based on real-time data.


Pavel Šiška

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner

Pavel is the Partner in Charge of the Consulting function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He has performed this leadership role since 2013. His experience includes focusing on business–IT alignment, analy... More