Strategy and Business Design

Helping you to shape the future

Our team will guide you through the whole process of elaborating a strategy with tailor-made services offered in each step along the way.

Deloitte’s Strategy practice helps the most influential organizations around the world generate measurable outcomes by making winning choices on their most significant strategic issues. We build long-term relationships with senior executives and work together to create effective solutions that cover a broad spectrum of issues. From gaining new perspectives on the performance of their company and the development of the market, to defining corporate and business unit strategy, to identifying new growth opportunities or re-designing individual part of their business, we use cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry knowledge and experience to develop and execute integrated, tailored strategies to meet the future with confidence.

Strategy consulting tailored to your needs

Company assessment

Understanding the needs and concerns of your company is the first step for any important decision. Our proven set of company assessment tools has therefore been developed to serve this purpose, be it strategy preparation, company health check-up or an initial overview in case of a new C-level executive.

Strategic analyses

Understanding the market and your capabilities is a key step in most strategic projects and allows for an objective evaluation of a company’s performance in the light of the actual market development and performance of its competitors.

Strategy formulation

Once we develop a thorough understanding of both – your company and the market, we can define our objectives and ways of achieving them. Only then we can set sail and steer the company towards the future we seek.

Functional strategies

While complex understanding is the corner stone for any successful strategy, market itself is ever-changing and therefore continuous development is necessary – be it in terms of footprint, product, customer & brand or financing.

Implementation & management support

Even the best of ideas can come in vain if they end up locked up in a drawer or if their execution lacks behind. In order to make sure your company reaches its full potential, we participate on the execution as well as support the management during especially intensive projects.


Pavel Šiška

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner

Pavel is the Partner in Charge of the Consulting function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He has performed this leadership role since 2013. His experience includes focusing on business–IT alignment, analy... More