Implementation & management support

Transforming great ideas into tangible results

Even the best of ideas can come in vain if they end up locked up in a drawer or if their execution lacks behind. In order to make sure your company reaches its full potential, we participate on the execution as well as support the management during especially intensive projects.

Service offering


The best experts to assist during the implementation phase of a strategy after it was approved, are the ones, who designed it.

  • Strategy implementation After getting the green light for the strategy the next step is implementation. This should be done in close cooperation with experts who designed the strategy
  • Continuous evaluation The success of a strategy and the right implementation can only be proven as time passes


Management support

Along with our specific service offering we also assist the management in unique matters that do not fit into any specific category.

  • Support during negotiations with authorities Focused on providing argumentative materials during large international tenders or when pursuing a certain cause in front of state authorities
  • Continuous management support services Sought out by our long-term clients in case of a specific and urgent need of its management and based on a frame contract
  • Facilitation of workshops Facilitating structured communication across individual departments of the company


Josef Žádník

Josef Žádník


Josef is a Director in Consulting services division of Deloitte Czech Republic responsible for Strategy and Strategic Management projects. His focus are projects mainly in the energy, transport and lo... More

Martin Černý

Martin Černý


Martin is a Manager in the Consulting practice of Deloitte. He specializes primarily in strategy design and business model formulation. Martin has extensive experience in the transportation industry. ... More