Functional strategies

The toolbox for your strategy

While complex understanding is the corner stone for any successful strategy, market itself is ever-changing and therefore continuous development is necessary – be it in terms of footprint, product, customer & brand or financing.

Service offering

(Re)location strategy

A company decides to set up a new factory/SSC/office. But what is the most convenient location? Where is qualified workforce available & how expensive it is? Are the appropriate infrastructure, plots/halls or even subsidies available?


Product strategy

Management of the product portfolio, development of new products and redefinition of existing products represent key prerequisites for a company’s success.

  • Product & portfolio management – Review of the current product portfolio, its evaluation, and potential analysis keeps the company’s portfolio updated and competitive 
  • Product development – Assists companies with successful market entry of a new product thanks to a customer-oriented market analysis
  • Value redefinition – Losing market share or decreasing margin or low customer interest can be caused by an out-of-date product portfolio


Customer strategy

Understanding customers, their behaviour and motives connected is essential in order to achieve profitable and sustainable businesses in the long term.

  • B2B commercial excellence – Setting up correct commercial models aligned with industry dynamics boosts profitability and growth
  • Customer experience – Correct understanding of customer experience will increase sales along with stabilizing marketing expenses
  • Customer insights & segmentation – Grasping and working with different customer groups/segments has to be based on comprehensive knowledge about them
  • Customer loyalty – High customer loyalty enables companies to earn higher margin


Sales strategy

Selecting the appropriate sales channel is of the same importance as marketing, because a consumer can easily switch to a competitor if not provided with smooth access to products.

  • Sales strategy – Complex step-by-step process starting with understanding a company’s salesforce and its capabilities, followed by an assessment of existing and new customers and resulting in a definite KPI driven sales strategy
  • Single and omnichannel leverage – Finding the right sales channel is crucial for a product to succeed


Brand & marketing

Delivering the promised delight is one of the main indicators of a strong brand and should be the ultimate goal of marketing within a company

  • Brand strategy – Provides support with formulating a brand’s mission and vision, brand architecture, positioning and perception   
  • Marketing & sales – Well-working cooperation of marketing and sales departments, especially in data management, increases efficiency of marketing campaigns and affects overall profitability
  • Marketing excellence – Defines the position of marketing within the company’s structure and redefines marketing excellence models


Financing strategy

The financing strategy is elaborated on the corporate, business unit as well as functional level of strategy with the main goal of securing financing resources for both – daily operations as well as planned investments and growth.


R&D strategy

Research & Development along with Innovation are one of the key elements for achieving sustainable growth.

  • R&D strategy – The R&D Strategy secures a profitable business in the long-term by offering up to date products to customers
  • Innovation – The right innovation capabilities are crucial in order to support value creation and to stay ahead of the competition


Pavel Šiška

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner

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