Strategy formulation

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Once we develop a thorough understanding of both – your company and the market, we can define our objectives and ways of achieving them. Only then we can set sail and steer the company towards the future we seek.

Service offering

Corporate strategy

The corporate strategy aims to find the perfect mixture of assets, capabilities and processes, in order to identify and further leverage the competitive advantage.


Business strategy

Focused on a specific company, specific business unit or a specific business area in which it determines the necessary steps for fulfilling the corporate strategy and vision.


Growth strategy

Identifies organic and inorganic growth opportunities for achieving a sustainable growth rate without diluting the company’s resource across multiple growth strategies.


Business model design

The key to the successful strategy is not to start doing different things, but to see things in a different way. Business model design allows you to reshape your existing business in order to save cost, increase revenues or capture synergies along the value chain.


Business plan design

No matter how great the idea, business is always run by the books. Business plan design therefore provides in-depth mapping of individual business operations and related revenues and costs, helps to identify and valuate necessary operational assets and tests the business forecasts within the market – all of this, to provide you with a dynamic scenario-enabled business plan for your idea.


Corporate culture

Peter Drucker believed that “Corporate culture eats strategy for breakfast” and we know, that misalignment between the culture and strategy can result in wasted resources or pose a serious threat to your market position. Our corporate culture package therefore focuses on assessing your company’s culture, identifying key values and understanding the position of your employees. This then serves as a cornerstone for the development of company’s culture, as well as a basis for communication of company’s strategy.


Pavel Šiška

Pavel Šiška

Managing Partner

Pavel is the Partner in Charge of the Consulting function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He has performed this leadership role since 2013. His experience includes focusing on business–IT alignment, analy... More