Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution


Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution    

Switching from a linear supply chain to digital supply networks  

Logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, making the movement of products and materials from point to point on a global scale a significant challenge for many companies. As companies concentrate on key business areas, the production cycle is becoming increasingly fragmented. More and more companies are taking part in the creation of the final product and the supply chain is becoming global, virtual and therefore less manageable. Integrating the entire supply chain and adopting its own role in it is thus one of the main priorities of the overall corporate strategy.

Our logistics and distribution specialists work with clients to identify the most appropriate strategy and set up effective processes to deliver the desired product to the destination within the agreed deadline, and support internal logistics activities to ensure a smooth flow of material and information. We help address the concept of a suitable distribution network, strategy for outsourcing logistics activities, managing stock structure and designing optimization of transportation systems.

Logistics network cost optimization

  • Solutions for improving logistics activities, increasing equipment utilization and customer service level by leveraging strategic allocation of competencies and optimizing running times
  • Setting the ratio of internal vs. external logistics services, support in finding, selecting and specifying conditions for cooperation with local logistics partners
Logistics network cost optimization

Distribution planning

  • Design a regional distribution network to meet market requirements
  • Organization of shipments both from suppliers and towards customers with regard to procedural and financial parameters (such as delivery frequency, vehicle usage, route optimization and fuel consumption, loading and unloading times)
Distribution planning

Warehouse layout optimization and material flow optimization (external & internal)

  • Design of warehouse layout to optimize material flow and easy availability for picking
  • Assessing the capacity of warehouses and their location, or verifying the need for the construction or rental of other storage areas, including consignment warehouses
  • Analysis of warehouse activities, possibilities of their sharing and optimization
Warehouse fork lift

„Smart warehouse“ (using advanced data analytics and Industry 4.0 elements)

Design and implementation of solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and self-controlling transport (drones, autonomous trains) for unattended storage and continuous inventory monitoring


Inventory management and optimization (using advanced data analytics)

  • Inventory level analysis (volumes, structure, obsoletes) and set up of replenishment rules based on vendor options, custom capacities or other parameters
  • Set up an early warning system for possible material shortages and create emergency scenarios to ensure production continuity
  • Ensuring traceability of material throughout the logistics flow, logistics reporting settings
Inventory management


Lukáš Jílek

Lukáš Jílek


Lukáš is a Director in the Supply Chain & Network Operations department in the Consulting function of Deloitte Czech Republic. He leads a team focusing on delivering comprehensive supply chain service... More