Strategic management of operations


Strategic management of operations  

We ensure the ability to respond flexibly to the current situation and to the expected development of the business sector  

The issues related to the creation and especially the fulfillment of the corporate strategy are a critical part of the responsibility of the company top management. Due to dynamic changes in the business environment and internal conditions in the company, it is necessary to adjust the sub-goals and ways to achieve them.

Deloitte's consultant teams consisting of experts from different specializations help corporate management identify and respond to the risks and opportunities in the industry. They also participate in the detailed elaboration of projects and their implementation.

Strategic management of product portfolio

The right ratio of products offered ensures demand coverage, the need for business resource utilization and a balanced budget, while at the same time allows for market fluctuations or gradually developing new products. Our services include the following:

  • Product Portfolio Optimization – we analyze products in terms of profitability in relation to total cost, relative difficulty of their production and logistics, innovation potential or perhaps a range of different customer groups in order to design the most flexible structure for best use of demand  which corresponds to the current business conditions
  • Forecasting and Demand Modelling – we use internal data and information from external sources including Big Data for predicting and modelling customer behavior, finding other (new) customer target groups, identifying marketing information about desired product and service parameters to guide custom development or perhaps competition initiatives
Strategic management of product portfolio

Business modelling

Different scenarios of the impacts of important business decisions to be made in relation to other conditions and circumstances that can be defined by one or more states need to be assessed. Our consultants, together with client representatives, design a business-cost model to simulate the implications of deploying individual scenarios, answering questions about whether to increase or decrease production capacity, how the product mix changes to market share in different regions, or how they will develop logistic costs after moving production to another location.

  • Design and implementation of operational business model – description of the current situation in the given area, continuity with other areas of activities and understanding of interrelationships between the examined variables. Assessment of data availability, status and quality, preparation for analysis and model design. Verifying the functionality of the model, filling with real data and handing it over to the client for use
  •  Operational and organizational transformation – analysis of business processes and the current state of the organization in terms of covering the required activities. Identification of activities with no added value and inefficient activities and suggestions for their removal or changes. Optimization of support function to ensure all necessary activities after all measures are put in place, change communication and implementation, including the mechanisms needed to keep and maintain process and organizational changes.
Business Modelling

Human resources planning and efficient utilization

High-level or detailed analysis – job position screening, shift and resources planning, key knowledge and skills identification and their adoption, including expected development according to the age and professional structure of employees, ensuring substitutability and transfer of experience

Human resources planning and efficient utilization

Process and operational preparation for implementation of software or cloud solution

Detailed mapping of current processes across functions (procurement, production planning, production, logistics, finance, sales, HR, marketing, IT etc.), process simplification/modification and implementation of the solution in cooperation with a technology team

  • ERP systems
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Systems for collecting and evaluating data from production equipment (control units, sensors, manually or mechanically acquired data) including their processing for analysis and monitoring of performance (managerial or operational reporting)
Cloud solution

Project management and Change management

Project management is one of the most important competencies of the company and is crucially dependent on the support and active participation of top management. Very often we see that project managers are overloaded with the management of many projects at once, with difficulty communicating, and with insufficient support from the company's management and their own project team. Usually at least the main risks of project failure are known, but they are rarely properly analyzed and treated. A number of projects are not being implemented, but these projects are not formally closed. Deloitte offers methodological support for project management by certified project managers and / or under certain conditions the assumption of project management and associated risks.

  • Project Management and Organization Preparation for Change, Establishment and Management of Project Office, Access Setup and Implementation of Project Management and Change Management Tools, KPIs and Milestones, Risk Identification and Management
Project management


Lukáš Jílek

Lukáš Jílek

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