Public aid

Assistance in obtaining individual public aid and compliance assessment

For companies, public aid is one of the possible sources of financing for investment-intensive and complex projects. The scope of this aid and the conditions for receiving it are set by the European Commission, which must approve the individual projects. At Deloitte, we can assess whether your project meets the conditions for public aid and guide you through the entire approval process from A to Z. We will also assess whether the public aid you have received in the past meets all requirements and whether you are at risk of having to return the public aid to a provider, for example.

Public aid is available for the wide variety of projects:

  • Are you a foreign investor preparing a major investment or are you looking to expand an existing business?
  • Are you planning to invest in a major decarbonisation or other environmental project?
  • Are you preparing to acquire a share in a company with state, regional, or municipality ownership?
  • Or is your business in a difficult situation and you are preparing a restructuring?

With our extensive cross-sector expertise and the opportunity to cooperate with our colleagues in Brussels, we can comprehensively assess public aid opportunities, implement individual projects, and eliminate any potential risks – all tailored to your needs.

What services can we offer?

  • We will assess whether your firm has a realistic chance of receiving public aid.
  • We will prepare notification forms and assist you during the approval process.
  • We will represent you before the Office for the Protection of Competition or the European Commission.
  • We will prepare a restructuring plan in accordance with the public aid rules.
  • We will verify compliance with the conditions of the public aid already granted for the projects or activities implemented.

We also offer advisory services in this area to providers of public aid such as ministries, state agencies, regional and municipal authorities and organisations established by them.

  • We will notify your aid programmes, as well as one-off aid provided. 
  • We will verify that the aid you have already granted complies with the public aid rules.
  • We will check the setting of rules for the provision of services of general economic interest. 
  • SGEI (public transport, social services, healthcare).
  • We will assist you in the area of regional aid, identification and specification of SMEs.
  • We will provide you with consultancy on privatisation or, conversely, on the entry of the public sector into a private company by way of asset acquisition. 


Luděk Hanáček

Luděk Hanáček


Luděk Hanáček is a Partner in the Tax and Legal function of Deloitte. He is responsible for a team of experts providing advisory services in the area of subsidies and tax support in the Czech Republic... More

Marek Polach

Marek Polach


Marek is a Manager in the Tax Department at Deloitte. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science - European Studies from Palacký University in Olomouc. During his career, he worked in the governm... More

Jiřina Procházková

Jiřina Procházková

Partner | Attorney at Law

Jiřina Procházková is a Partner and a leader of the Tax Litigation department at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Jiřina is a specialist in tax administration, tax law and state aid regulation. She has exten... More

Martin Černý

Martin Černý

Managing Associate | Attorney at Law

Martin Černý is an Attorney-at-Law in the Public Aid and Tax Litigation Department at Deloitte Legal in Brno. Martin specialises in advising on public aid and subsidies, European law, representing cli... More