Taxation of natural persons

Employees are the biggest asset for many companies, but they often involve the highest costs. However, with an optimal set-up of activities or the remuneration package the employer can avoid inconveniences and fines from the authorities. And often save unnecessary costs.

Use our services related to all areas concerning employees: income taxation, social security and health insurance, immigration obligations, assignments of employees abroad and many other services. We also provide help in these areas to natural persons who are not employees.

Preparation of tax returns

We prepare tax returns for employees working abroad, foreign workers in the Czech Republic, entrepreneurs and investors and for everyone who prefers to leave this inconvenience to professionals. We communicate using secure online tools to maximise the client’s comfort and ensure confidentiality of the transferred data. Our tax experts can also provide you with personal support in matters that are easier to discuss face to face.

Thanks to representation based on a power of attorney, we take over all of our clients’ communication with the authorities. Together with Deloitte offices abroad we are able to ensure compliance with tax obligations in all countries where your income is (or could be) taxed.

Remuneration and benefits

Deloitte’s professionals see employee remuneration from an overall perspective: thanks to knowledge from various fields and many years’ worth of experience, they are able to consider tax impacts for the employee and the company, the company’s long-term strategy as well as the employees’ needs. We know and use current remuneration trends. A suitable remuneration set-up can increase motivation and engagement of employees and the effectiveness of the funds spent.

Our services in the area of remuneration include preparation of the company’s remuneration policy and other material necessary for efficient work with employees, communication of changes to employees, harmonisation of benefit programmes within the group etc.

Social security and health insurance

Social security and health insurance contributions represent a significant cost for the employer, but they also involve administrative demands depending on local regulations and international rules. The correct determination of the relevant social security system is one of the most important steps related to cross-border movement of labour force. Our specialists can help you meet the legal requirements in the Czech Republic and abroad, thanks to the extensive network of our offices. Aside from the contributions, we can advise on entitlement to health care, pension benefits and other supplies that are a sensitive area especially for members of the top management.

Assigning employees abroad

The international activities of companies and their employees involve specific obligations set by domestic and foreign legislation. Failure to comply with them can endanger the good name of the company and lead to legal risks. Even though global business is becoming more and more connected, the efforts of the individual countries to protect their domestic labour markets grow as well – resulting in increasingly more complicated rules and conditions that companies have to comply with during cross-border activities.

Thanks to detailed knowledge of local and international regulations, a global network of offices and advanced technological tools, we are able to advise you on what to do and help you with administrative work, including the preparation of related internal documents


Tereza Kavan Klimešová

Tereza Kavan Klimešová


Tereza is a Partner in Deloitte’s Tax & Legal function in the Czech Republic. She joined Deloitte in 2002. She leads the team dealing with remuneration and global employee mobility issues - not only f... More