Work disrupted in the post-pandemic age

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work and there may well be more disruption to come. As uncertainty clouds the future, our ability to predict workforce trends is limited at best.

Companies find themselves in the no man’s land between surviving and thriving, with no clear path as yet to a new vision of work.

  • What could that vision be?
  • What potential challenges are in store for the workforce of the future?
  • How can we best prepare for future disruption?
  • What are the operational solutions we need to build a resilient workforce with a compelling vision for the future of work? 

Discover potential scenarios for the future of work

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On October 5th, 2021, our Future of Work experts discussed how the pandemic has disrupted the work paradigm. We discussed the most important developments in this space and linked them to the latest findings in our everyday consulting work. 

These well-known Deloitte experts identified 3 core topics:

  • Workplace vs. Workforce
  • Individual Careers vs. Team Collaboration 
  • Leadership Challenges vs. Organizational Challenges 

The discussion also touched on another key narrative in the debate about the future of work, as outlined in the groundbreaking new book entitled "Work Disrupted" by Jeff Schwartz. 

Watch this summary of the webcast to learn more about initiatives and strategies that will help companies prepare for the future of work. 

Best of the webcast

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