Improved remote presentation and sales skills

Our client in the professional services industry was confronted with the emerging virtual conferencing situation caused by COVID-19. We evaluated cognitive and physiological processes of managers during remote sales pitches to improve their remote sales success. In particular, we enabled our client to optimize sales pitches for visual focus and presentational behavior and language, to remove distractors during the sales pitch and get a profound understanding of differences and similarities of remote pitches and face-to-face sales presentations. Additionally, we helped to improve pitch success and lower pursuit costs thanks to neuroscience-based guidelines on how to design engaging and motivating remote pitches.

How did we do it?

Representatives of our client’s target group were recruited and equipped with EEG, eye tracking and GSR devices. Afterwards, participants were asked to watch videos of remote sales pitch rehearsals while our team measured their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral reactions. This enabled us to analyze the participants’ attention, stress, cognitive load, and motivation to listen carefully to the speaker throughout the pitches. All aspects were evaluated in response to different remote presentation aspects such as slide design, technical setup, and verbal expression of the speaker. Based on the analysis, the client was provided with guidelines to deliver engaging and motivating remote sales presentations.


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Which value can we create for you and your business?

Neuroscientific methods measure cognitive and physiological processes during inter-personal interactions such as sales pitches. Applying this methodology helps you and your team to improve sales pitches based on your customers’ subliminal perception of the pitch content, verbal expressions and pitch circumstances. This way, implicit factors that influence the decision-making of your audience can be detected that otherwise stay unrecognized. Subsequently, this helps you to create more appealing and engaging sales pitches that demand for less cognitive load of your audience. This way, you will be able to drive your overall sales while reducing pursuit costs and improve your in-person customer relationships.

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