UX improvement with Neuroscience


UX Improvement

Optimize usability and design of your products, software and reports by means of Neuroscience to make them more user friendly

To us, overly filled dashboards are a pain in the eye and as counterproductive as a crowded desktop. At the same time, a sophisticated user experience in any product brings us joy and relief. Thus, we developed the UX improvement service to optimize the usability of any kind of tangible and intangible offering so that our clients are happy and profit from content users.

What’s in it for you

With the help of the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute you will be able to

  • Increase user comfort and reduce stress and frustration levels
  • Optimize the overall appeal and functionality of your design
  • Make the decision making journey of consumers transparent and visible
  • Improve overall usability for digital applications
  • Gain insights into navigational and general user habits
  • Identify focus points and remove distractors as well as common pitfalls
  • Identify motivating and demotivating aspects of your offering
  • Optimize cross-menu and cross-device user guidance
  • Increase learning efficiency and users’ motivation to use your product
  • Strengthen the bond between customer and brand by offering an enjoyable experience 

How we do it

In order to improve the usability of your offerings, we analyze how users perceive your offering as a whole and its individual elements in particular.

Amongst others, we measure elements within your product or service that provides comfort or increases the users’ stress level and lead to frustration. Moreover, we analyze the information finding process of users, e.g., by tracking gaze paths and focus points. In addition, we analyze the overall easiness and adoptability of your offering by measuring the implicit behavior patterns that users exert when interacting with your product or service to reveal levels of engagement and knowledge processing. At the same time, we measure the users’ emotional response throughout the whole interaction process.

As a result, we discuss all of the results with Deloitte industry experts to derive actionable recommendations that fit your individual project purpose and improve your offerings overall usability.

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Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel

Lead Health Care Payer & Head Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Gregor-Konstantin Elbel ist Partner in der Industrie Life Sciences & Health Care sowie Leiter des Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI). Als approbierter und ehemals klinisch-tätiger Arzt und Hirn... Mehr