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Two months with Deloitte – was it the right decision?

Topic: Supply chain

It was a hectic day in May. After more than a year of negotiating, countless meetings and thinking things over again and again, we could finally tell the world that Syncronic would become a part of Deloitte.

Now, we are already two months down this brand new path, and in many ways we are well integrated into the Deloitte family. Sure, we’ve gone through the usual hazzle of changing phone numbers and email addresses, learning new internal procedures and navigating through the office at Islands Brygge, which offers a much nicer view, but a lot less parking space than our old office in Brøndby.

But these are just everyday trivialities, and they are gone in a second. What is important here is our work and the vision, which made us want to join Deloitte – and which will also keep us moving forward. And I can safely say that everything has exceeded expectations so far. Here are five things that tell me that we made the right decision:

  1. We joined a consulting firm that was already successful
    In the world of consulting, energy and ambitions are important, because we all get up in the morning to make a difference with our work. In Deloitte, there is a huge amount of energy and optimism right now due to substantial success in the market across all offerings and business units. Just to give you an idea of the level of activity, on September 1st, more than 100 new people joined Deloitte Consulting – an amazing achievement, and very inspiring to see so many new talents who will support our clients on their transformational journeys.
  2. A HUGE focus on supply chain right now
    There are many predictions about the post-COVID world, but one thing is sure: Many companies will have to rethink their supply chains to minimise vulnerabilities and to create a whole new level of transparency and control. Some of these transformations were already underway prior to the crisis, but the pandemic has surely accelerated them and made them even more urgent than before. Combined with new digital tools, and a general appetite for innovation and digital transformation, what we’re seeing now is a significant demand from our clients who are committed to building resilience and transparency into their core operations.
  3. The synergies are there
    When we decided to join Deloitte, our hopes were always to build on the synergies of our two organisations to create an even stronger offering to our clients. This has definitely been the case, and I know for a fact that we are all overwhelmed by the many possibilities. The finance and performance team at Deloitte is an obvious partner for us, but we are also working closely with Deloitte’s tax and legal experts, SAP experts and of course the existing supply chain team at Deloitte Consulting. The result of this collaboration is that we can approach our clients with the full spectrum of services – a “one stop shop” for business-driven, technology-enabled transformation, an approach that sparks so many interesting conversations, both in Denmark and across the entire Nordics. 
  4. Large clients choose large transformation partners
    Ever since we told about our decision to join Deloitte, we’ve been totally honest about our aspiration to be in the frontline of some of the largest and most ambitious business transformations. 

Now, we finally have the organisational muscle to take that position, and it’s a great feeling to see that dream come true.

Some of these transformations are already taking place right now, and more are in the pipeline. With so many companies reinventing their business models and taking leaps into the digital space, I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time to run a business than at this very moment.

5.  A cultural fit between our two companies

Finally, when we decided to join Deloitte, we did so with a strong feeling that our two cultures would match. Today, I think our gut feeling was right. The honest story is that, yes, it has been a huge transition from being a small company where everyone knows each other to joining an organisation, which spans not only Denmark and the Nordics, but the entire world. We have all had to adjust and probably be extra patient while we settle into this new reality. But I also see that our team is thriving – and I see how our people are now accessing new, exciting projects, and working in new professional constellations that weren’t possible before. 

So was it the right decision to join Deloitte? Absolutely!

It’s been a hectic two months for our Syncronic team, but we’ve enjoyed it all the way. Thank you to all of our new colleagues for making us feel so welcome – and thank you to the many companies who trust that we can help them build the supply chain of the future, which is exactly what we can.

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Lars Kissow

Lars Kissow

Ask me about: Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Resilience, Advanced Planning Systems (SAP IBP, Kinaxis etc), SAP Supply Chain Transformations, Digitalization, Operating models & Sustainability in Supply Chain Lars is a partner in Deloitte and the Nordic Lead of our Supply Chain Practice. Lars has a background as an SAP and Supply Chain consultant, with more than 25 years of experience in Supply Chain and SAP transformation programs, where the underlying theme is end-to-end supply chain optimization enabled by IT. Lars works with Danish as well as Nordic companies, advising on Supply Chain transformations in close collaboration with our SAP & Digitalization offerings.

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