Laura’s story on strengthening our welfare system through data simulation tools

I didn’t know Deloitte did that? 

Laura, a recent graduate and master’s in economics from the University of Copenhagen, has always been interested in how society works, particularly in Denmark where the public sector plays a central role. Introduced to Deloitte by a friend, Laura was immediately fascinated by the opportunity to create real change and a positive impact on society.

The welfare state as we know it is under pressure. One of the biggest challenges is the pressure to deliver high-quality care to the elderly and patients, despite limited resources and staffing shortages. So, how do we overcome these obstacles and continue to make welfare a synonym to Denmark?

This is the task at hand for Laura. As a consultant working on projects related to public healthcare and eldercare, she gains valuable insights into the challenges faced by clients in these sectors.

A Challenged Welfare System

In her daily work, Laura has the opportunity to interview various key stakeholders within the health care and eldercare, to deepen her understanding of the challenges. Something that proved key for her success in the work:

Despite the difficulties, I’m inspired by the dedication and drive of the staff, who are passionate about delivering the best possible care to their patients. While challenges are significant, I believe there are opportunities for improvement in the sector.

By optimising healthcare operations, Laura and her team at Deloitte have found that they can contribute to both sustainability and staffing challenges in the healthcare sector. They have identified opportunities to reduce travel time and distance, which not only help to reduce carbon emissions but also frees up resources and staff time.

Improving Healthcare Operations

Laura and her team gather data from healthcare and eldercare systems to identify potential areas for improvement. They use this data to simulate various scenarios and identify opportunities for optimising operations, such as improving route planning or increasing the use of technology. Adding to the theoretical potential of the analysis, Laura and her team are currently developing a planning tool designed to assist municipalities in their daily tasks related to healthcare and eldercare. The tool aims to be ready for implementation in the pilot municipality by early summer. It will enable municipalities to maximize their potential for optimization in daily planning, thereby aiding them in making data-driven decisions and optimizing operations in real-time:

Even though this process is complex, it is essential for delivering real results. By taking this approach, municipalities can identify areas for improvement and implement changes that have the potential to make a significant impact on road time and thereby potentially free time to patient care.

Making an impact that matters

Laura’s team at Deloitte are working to make a difference for healthcare workers who are passionate about delivering high-quality care to their patients. By optimising operations and providing tools to help with planning and scheduling, they are helping to reduce stress and improve the quality of care. Laura’s team are supporting healthcare workers to do their best work and make a real difference in the lives of their patients by optimizing operations and providing support, they are helping to create a more sustainable and effective healthcare system.

Laura's team is tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our society today: The growing burden of eldercare and the increasing difficulty of recruiting healthcare workers with the necessary competencies in the elderly care sector. By analysing healthcare operations, and identifying opportunities for improvement, they make an impact that matters to patients, healthcare workers, and society as a whole.

Fulfilling Purpose at Deloitte

This work is not only a professional mission but also a personal one. By contributing to the greater good and making a difference in people's lives, Laura is fulfilling her values and goals:

I simply dream of ensuring that our welfare state remains competitive and that the services delivered through the public sector remain robust and strong. My team and I have some unique insight and skills to ensure just that.

Through her work at Deloitte, she is making a difference in the lives of healthcare workers and elderly citizens by optimising operations and providing support. Despite the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, Laura and her team are committed to identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes that have the potential to make a significant impact on patient care.

Growing up, Laura always valued helping other people. Therefore, when searching for an employer, she wanted to find a place, where it wasn’t just about finishing tasks and going home. She wants to make a difference and help other people succeed. Working on projects related to the health care sector and helping healthcare workers free up time or utilise their scarce resources even better, helps her do just that.

Ultimately, Laura and her team’s work is a testament to the importance of purpose-driven consulting in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing society today.

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