Our six sessions 

Session 1 - Welcome to Female Academy

Kick off your journey with an inspiring introduction to Deloitte and the Female Academy. Connect with fellow participants through engaging icebreakers and gain valuable insights from Deloitte partners during an interactive Q&A session.

Session 2 - Understand yourself and others

Unlock the secrets of Business Chemistry with a captivating personality test
led by Maria.

Session 3 - Deliver with impact

Transform your presentation skills with expert guidance. Hear inspiring career stories from some of our talents.

Session 4 - Wellbeing and
meditation for a sustainable career

Get a sneak peek into guided meditation and learn how to implement and utilize this tool to balance your work-life

Session 5 - Break your biases

Challenge your perceptions in a dynamic workshop on unconscious bias. Engage in thought provoking discussions and Q&A sessions.

Session 6 - After-work Drinks and "Thank you for
now" with Deloitte

Celebrate your journey with an evening of bubbles, feedback, and inspiration. Enjoy food and wine tasting, followed by G&T’s and mingling, as you forge lasting connections with Deloitte employees and fellow attendees.

Female Academy Alumni Network 

After participating in Female Academy, you automatically become a member of the Female Academy Alumni Network, which now includes over 130 women and continues to grow each year. The alumni network meets once a year for an event that combines professional development with networking.

This annual gathering provides former participants with a valuable opportunity to expand their professional network, share experiences, and gain insights into new trends and knowledge in their field.

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