Chief Human Ressource Officer (CHRO) Labs

Transform and advance the role of the CHRO.

Whether you’re brand new to your role or a seasoned professional, Deloitte’s CHRO Labs are designed to help CHROs and senior HR executives, and their teams connect and achieve breakthroughs.

Helping HR leaders stay ahead of growing demands
To help CHROs keep pace with the latest developments and trends, we offer a mix of innovative thinking, perspectives and practical advice for CHROs – designed to help you turn new developments in the HR landscape into more value for your business.

The CHRO Programme brings together a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte leaders and experienced professionals to help CHROs and HR leaders get ahead—and stay ahead—in the face of growing challenges and demands. Whether you’re new or seasoned in the CHRO role, have recently reconstituted your HR leadership team, or simply need to pivot to meet evolving business demands, the CHRO Programme can help you accelerate toward execution.

The CHRO Transition Lab
An immersive experience to map the next six months of your journey. The CHRO Transition Lab is a one-day experience in our immersive lab environment to help prepare you for this new step in your career. The Lab agenda is designed to help CHROs hit the ground running and develop a plan for success. Topics include; managing your time, assessing talent, and enhancing relationships.

The CHRO Transition Lab will result in a 180-day action plan with specific, achievable milestones, culminating in a plan to:
- Define and communicate your priorities
- Assess and develop a talent strategy
- Understand and influence key stakeholders

To learn more about our CHRO labs, contact CXO Programme Manager Christian Qvist Grønning at

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