Time is running out to act on climate change. But rather than climate action being a drain on the economy, our report on the European continent shows there is a window of opportunity to act now to significantly boost GDP, accelerate growth and provide new employment opportunities for citizens.


Reducing Europe’s emissions will have global economic benefits because it helps limit global warming to as close to 1.5°C as possible, reducing the economic harm of continued warming.


The continent has the technologies, regulatory frameworks, and the capabilities to reach net-zero emissions. By moving quickly we can accelerate transformation and advance towards sustainable economic prosperity. Emerging industries will create new occupations for today’s workers and a transformed European economy would be well-positioned to capitalise on new global markets for decarbonised exports.


Investments now will be recovered many times over through averting potential extreme climate damage, minimising economic impact and creating an equitable transition for all countries on the European continent.



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