Exponential HR

Join our webinar to get key insights on Future of HR and how HR organisations should break away from traditional operating models to achieve work outcomes

The human resources function as we know it will hit a wall—if it hasn’t already. The Future of Enterprise, Workforce, and How Work Gets Done have rapidly shaped a new Future of HR. A digital mind-set, relentless focus on the customer, advanced enabling technologies, and simplified, nimble ways of working are musts to achieve positive business outcomes.

HR operating models have evolved over decades with a trajectory of increasing business impact marked by changing brands from “personnel department” to “human resources” to “people function” and “employee experience.” The function has advanced from necessary administrator to a supporting function with a seat at the table, to business partner, and—in some cases—to trusted adviser.

Join our webinar on Exponential HR to hear more about the future of HR organisations. You can sign up below. We look forward to 'seeing' you!

Main takeaways:

  • Reimagining the work of HR is paramount and demands dynamic and digital ways of working, HR superjobs, and new capabilities
  • Revolutionary change is a must for HR to drive tangible work outcomes. Traditional HR operating models are inadequate for the future
  • Exponential HR professionals and the enterprises they are part of will be adaptable, agile, architecting, and augmented 

We hope to “see” you there!




If you have any questions regarding the event you are very welcome to contact Mai Agathe Hofman, Senior Consultant, Deloitte.


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