Introducing our new and improved parental leave policy

Did you know that the length of parental leave is the primary factor behind the inequality between men and women in the Danish labour market? That is why the Danish Parliament is implementing new legislation that earmarks more parental leave for men and less for women.

At Deloitte, we want to contribute to creating an equal playing field for all parents. We want to push for an equal distribution of parental leave on a societal level, and we want to attract and retain the best talents – also when they become parents.

Therefore, we are presenting a new and improved parental leave policy:

  • From 1 June 2022, fathers and co-parents will be offered 24 weeks of paid parental leave instead of the current 12 weeks.
    This gives fathers and co-parents 13 weeks of paid leave on top of the 11 earmarked weeks – giving mothers, fathers and co-parents equal parental leave terms.
  • From 1 February 2022, all parents can receive fully paid parental leave after 3 months of employment.
    The seniority requirement has been lowered from 12 to 3 months. This means that if your child’s due date is on 1 February 2022 or later, and you have been employed with Deloitte for a minimum of 3 months on this date, you are eligible for paid parental leave.

The below illustrations show the existing and future parental leave models and new legislation on earmarked parental leave, which will come into effect this summer.

Current model and legislation


New model based on the new legislation


Why is this important for us?

  • In Denmark, 90% of parental leave is taken by women. Improving the possibilities for men to take a longer leave is expected to not only enable closer links between father and child but also improve the position of women professionally on a societal level.
  • Lack of paid leave is among the primary barriers for men taking longer periods of parental leave – both in society and in Deloitte.
  • Women’s long-term income on average decreases by 20% after having their first child, and women are underrepresented in management. By creating equal terms for all parents, we wish to change this.
  • Research shows an increased wish among men to take a more active role in family life and a longer parental leave. But today’s parental leave setup in Denmark and Deloitte provides men with poorer terms than women. Deloitte will be among the first with equal terms for all parents.
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