Dashboards that show where the shoe pinches

In 2013, Frank Ravn pursued his big dream of becoming self-employed and selling fashionable shoes in good quality that everyone can afford. That dream has since evolved into Copenhagen Shoes, which today sells shoes to fashion stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.

With good winds in the sales sails, it became clear that the company needed help to get more structure on bookkeeping, payroll and administration. Therefore, Copenhagen Shoes entered into a collaboration with Deloitte with the aim of gaining a better overview of the economy and outsourcing everything regarding payroll and administration. The good collaboration between Deloitte and Copenhagen Shoes is illustrated, among other things, by the use DeloitteDirect, where Frank can continuously upload all vouchers via the app, which Deloitte then records. In addition, Copenhagen Shoes has set up a Dashboard in DeloitteDirect, which is directly integrated with the company's financial data. With the dashboard, both Deloitte and Copenhagen Shoes can follow the company's current financial performance, which provides reassurance for Frank and frees up time that he can spend on what he is best at.

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