School benches and benchmarking

A Danish University College has felt the benefits of working with our digital platform, Deloitte Connect, focusing on effective and targeted task development in their audit.

Through the administrative audit and legal critical audit, we have also been able to focus on where the college can develop, partly through benchmarking with other institutions and partly through advice and suggestions on where the school can optimize the economy, such as loan restructuring.

“During the audit, Deloitte has demonstrated a great deal of insight into our challenges and we are experiencing an insightful presentation of our economy and development trends. It provides inspiration for points of attention and the initiation of initiatives that help us initiate initiatives that meet future challenges.

Deloitte is at the forefront of our development and provides inspiration for how our school can be developed, and is always ready if we have a big challenge we need help to solve.”

CFO of the Danish University College
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