Sustainability and pension schemes

Danish District Heating Association (Dansk Fjernvarme) is an industry association for almost 400 Danish district heating suppliers distributed across the Denmark, which together supply 99.9 percent of Denmark with heating.

Initially, Danish District Heating Association did not want a broker, but solely preferred an assessment of the pension scheme and whether it could be optimized. As a result of our analysis, Danish District Heating Association decided to put the scheme into tender and at the same time, offer all their members to become part of the scheme.

The offer resulted in a unique and flexible scheme for Danish District Heating Association, where both the employees at the head office, as well as all small 400 heat plants, could access the scheme under the same conditions and at the same price. In addition, we negotiated an annual health analysis into the scheme, which increases the chance of identifying sick employees in time and thus not ending with a long-term sick leave.

The new scheme has ensured better coverage for more employees, and initiated greater efforts to improve employee health.

Due to the high complexity of the pension area, Danish District Heating Association chose to retain us as brokers after the offering, so we continuously advise the management in taking the right decisions regarding an investment of this size.

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