Labor union with digital gains

Danish Nurses' Organization (DSR) is an independent labor union, who works with payment and employment conditions and organizational interests for nurses. DSR has approx. 77,000 members, and is headquartered in Kvästhuset at Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen, which is an old hospital from the 1600s.

The collaboration between DSR and Deloitte goes way back - in fact, for more than two decades. A collaboration that has always been characterized by mutual respect and subject to relevant and professional sparring. Our work for DSR is based on a deep industry insight that we have utilized in the form of strategic, financial and audit advisory, and lately in collaboration with a new management team with new visions.

We have advised in large parts of DSR's financial administration as well as in its business and compliance agenda. In 2019, we have been able to bring our analytics tool, Payroll Intelligence, into play to bring broader and deeper insight into labor costs to DSR - a significant item for a labor union and its competitiveness. DSR has also joined as a partner in the work of Deloitte and Statistics Denmark in establishing a baseline for Denmark's work on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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