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Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-based biopharmaceutical company consisting of 6,500 employees spread across 60 countries. Ferring has won international recognition for the continuous development of cutting-edge products that improve the quality of life for both children and adults worldwide.

Ferring wanted to be able to offer their employees the optimal pension and health plan and therefore chose to enter into a collaboration with Deloitte Pension Management.

"One of the purposes of having Deloitte as a partner has been to raise the level of employees' knowledge and insight into insurance and pension matters. We have done this by holding continuous information meetings as well as establishing a Pension Committee."
- Stefan Nielsen, HR Director, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Our contribution to Ferring has included, among other things, an analysis of their current pension and health plan, as well as an assessment of which areas could be optimized. We advised Ferring to negotiate with the existing pension company, which resulted in an up-to-date and market-compliant scheme, where employees have been given insurance policies that are properly placed in the relevant savings environments, and in a reasonable cost and price structure.

Furthermore, we have ongoing meetings with Ferring's pension committee in connection with optimizing the agreement and teaching about pension matters.

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