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Global Dental Insurance (GDI) is a US-owned insurance company with the parent company Renaissance Health Services Corporation with over 14 million private customers. They wanted to sell dental insurance in the Nordic market and reached out to be assisted in how.

Our collective journey began in 2014 when GDI, with our advice from, applied for permission to establish an insurance business in Denmark. Subsequently, GDI acquired a majority of the company "Dansk Tandforsikring", a Danish insurance company, with assistance from us. We also advised GDI upon the establishment of a management team and auditors, and assisted in the work on applications to the Financial Supervisory Authority. Since the beginning, we have served as an outsourcing partner and been responsible for the administration of the four Solvency functions.

Our journey with GDI took off in Denmark, but has since embarked to the other Nordic countries with a potential to spread to the rest of Europe.

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