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Many good things begin with a D if you ask Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S. They are a company with many years of tradition in the manufacturing of emblems, sports prizes, name tags, uniform accessories and advertising & merchandise articles.

Through close cooperation and sparring, we act as trusted financial sparring partner to Jydsk Emblem Fabrik, which benefits particularly from our digital collaboration platform DeloitteDirect.

“With DeloitteDirect, we have gained a greater insight into the audit process, as well as optimized our internal work processes in connection with the delivery of material for documentation of the audit. This has given us courage when it comes to looking at optimizing our own processes and data management.

In addition, we have freely and confidently obtained a confidential, secure and digital archive to collect all documentation, so our documents are well structure and digitized. It makes it easy for us to look up previous years' accounts and other important documentation.

DeloitteDirect makes it possible to distribute the tasks to the relevant people in connection with the preparation of the work plan and gives a good overview of how far we have come. In this way, the process slides easier and we can be sure that it is the correct people who decide on the individual questions and documentation."
Stig Hellstern, Director of Jydsk Emblem Fabrik
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