A taste for beer and analytics

Mikkeller is a Danish microbrewery founded in 2006 by primary school teachers, Mikkel Bjergsø and Kristian Keller - thereby the name that everyone knows, but no can pronounce. The two founders are passionate about beer brewing and quickly ranked #5 on the international list of the world's best breweries on Ratebeer. Since then, Mikkeller has had tremendous growth with bars in 42 locations around the world.

We started following Mikkeller's journey in 2018 with the promise that no matter what country they wanted to open their doors in, we would be there with them. Back then, Mikkeller had grown out of their old structure and had fostered a need for financial sparring and advice to overcome an array of strategic and corporate challenges within audit and risks, as well as tax and VAT matters.

Mikkeller has a taste for our digital services: Payroll analytics and Sales analytics - both as part of our audit and reporting to management. These tools provide interesting insights such as comparisons of bars across the world. In our risk assessment actions on revenue in the various bars, we discovered an interesting correlation between revenue and engagement on Instagram photos with a clear winner being the wedding at the brewery at Reffen in Copenhagen.

As trusted advisor, we continually spar with Mikkeller on how to bring to life long-term aspirations - whether it be in running tights or suits. We are convinced that Mikkeller's growth adventure and conquest of beer-drinkers all over their world has just begun, and we're very honored to be part of their journey.

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