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NemByg A/S is Esbjerg's leading total contractor with more than 40 years in the luggage. In 1977, NemByg started as an architectural and construction company to carry out minor construction tasks. Nembyg's business philosophy is based on four cornerstones: trust, respect, entrepreneurship and quality, which not only harmonize with many of our values, but have created the basis for continuous business growth.

Our journey with NemByg's started in 2013 as they expanded their ownership and were transformed into a limited company. Since then, NemByg has grown rapidly and has gone from 15 employees to almost 80.

On this journey, we assisted, among other things, with the introduction of a new owner, transformation into a limited company, and later with a partial divestment to a local equity fund, where we advised in the process. Our ongoing assistance has consisted of implementing a new IT system, which helps NemByg with a strong management of the ongoing work and reporting. NemByg has particularly appreciated our assistance in the preparation of IT reports. In addition, NemByg has made use of our digital management tool, DeloitteDirect, which provides an easy and quick overview of the business's financial status and development.

Overall, we have assisted Nembyg in professionalizing their business, which today is one of the field's most well-run, which provides a solid foundation for NemByg's continued growth and development. A journey we are thrilled to be a part of.

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