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OBI Sport A/S has been an active player in the Danish sports industry for over 40 years, and has since 1975 opened the doors to 50 sports shops in Denmark, including Intersport, The Athlete's Foot and many more. OBI Sport A/S is the largest Intersport partner in Denmark.

Our collaboration with OBI Sport began in 2017, when the company wanted to get an independent broker to look at their pension and health scheme for the Intersport Denmark chain. An analysis of the scheme showed that there was a great need for optimization of the scheme, both in terms of pension and health.

Negotiations with the supplier resulted in a significantly better arrangement with both lower prices and costs. In addition, the agreement also included OBI Sports subdivisions, who transitioned to the scheme under the same conditions.

Since the optimization of the scheme, we have been continuously working on quality assurance. Deloitte Pension Management is consistently reviewing quality and optimizing OBI Sports / Intersports' pension and health care schemes.

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