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When Mette Gerster took over as head of the PenSam actuary, she needed to step back and take a critical look at the department, organization and task prioritization. That's why she chose to attend our 'Actuarial Lab'. The result was a clear prioritization of the main focus areas for the PenSam actuary, including a plan for executing sub-goals for the actuarial journey over the following 6 months.

“I now have five clear headlines on the most important tasks for the PenSam actuary. In addition, they have been concretized, so I have been able to put them into the plans along with the other operations that are filling in everyday life. In this way, the long-term strategic goals have become concrete tasks for me to follow."

Mette Gerster, prior Head of Department at PenSam

What is Acturial Lab?
An Actuarial Lab runs over a simple day and caters to Chief Actuaries. Prior to the lab, input is obtained through interviews with a variety of stakeholders. This creates an overview of stakeholders' experience of the actuary today and their expectations for the actuarial future. On the actual day, Deloitte's actuarial experts facilitate a discussion of tasks, roles and priorities based on specific issues as well as best practices from other actuaries.

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