Energy and health from the seabed and upwards

SubC Partner A / S is an engineering company that has been an international supplier of services and products to the offshore industry since 2005.

SubC Partner A/S was one of the first clients of Deloitte Pension Management, and we have a collaboration that goes all the way back to 2015. In 2019, SubC chose to tender for their pension and health care scheme, which resulted in SubC getting a scheme with more reasonable prices and cost structure, as well as a better consulting setup.

"Deloitte Pension Management is always ready to handle individual cases when needed. In addition, they help, support and guide us when we need it.”
- Mathilda Dam Jacobsen, Adminstration Manager, SubC

The new scheme also contains a health analysis for all employees, which helps SubC work with health and prevention in the workplace.

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