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Trendshots was founded in 2012 by Casper Andreasen, who had a passion for photography, as well as an ambition to digitize and modernize the traditional photography business. Since then, Trendshots has grown at a galloping pace - an effort reflected in the achievement of winning Børsens Gazzellepris for the fourth time in a row this year.

We joined Trendshots' journey as an advisory sparring partner in 2016, where they, due to its significant growth, faced new challenges; how does a company retain its structure and overview of the economy without losing its focus on its core business?

We helped with rolling out everything from liquidity to strategy and plugging Trendshots into our digital collaboration platform DeloitteDirect, which enables Trendshots to make decisions based on real-time financial dashboards - thus remain focused on their core business. The growth journey has just begun for Trendshots, and we are happy to follow as a sparring partner no matter where they plan on heading.

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