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Mikkel: The investment I make in Deloitte gives me a lot in return

The time you spend, the effort you make… it really pays off. It makes you grow rapidly and prepares you well for your future career journey. 

Mikkel is the kind of person who answers the phone after the first ring and assures you that there is no such thing as a stupid question. You can tell he is used to servicing clients.

I started my career in one of the other ’Big Four’ accounting firms, but made the decision to move to Deloitte because of its strong sense of orderliness and decency. These values are projected in everything we do: in quality, people, our actions and relationships. It also stimulates me to be a part of Denmark’s largest accounting and consulting firm. Deloitte has a unique breadth in its services, and that’s important to me, particularly when I’m out talking to and supporting potential and current clients. Almost no matter what our clients need, we have an expert in Denmark or in one of our other 150 member firms around the world that can help find the best solution. It gives me a toolbox that is much bigger than what I can offer on my own. I think that’s often the reason why clients choose us.

Mikkel is 26 years old and already a senior auditor at Deloitte in Aalborg. 

I guess I prioritise work more than most of my friends do. But I do it because of the many opportunities in this company, which have allowed me to advance quickly. So to me, it’s an investment in Deloitte, which gives me a lot in return.

However, time and hard work is not all Mikkel invests in his job. He is very conscious about bringing his personal interests and qualities into play at work.

I play the guitar in my spare time and I like seeing things from a creative angle. I’m not good at doing things a certain way just because ‘that’s how we usually do it’. I like travelling and forming new relationships, and I possess a curiosity and a passion for coming up with new ideas. I bring these personal qualities with me to work all the time. For instance, when I’m mentoring, I try to get a sense of what seems to work in the immediate situation rather than just following the same old script. Other examples are in sales, when dealing with clients, or when I have to give a coworker constructive feedback. In these situations you can’t just follow a standard procedure. None of us are the same, so you have to trust your intuition on how to approach these people in the best way. 

One of the things Mikkel values the most in his work is his independence.

In many ways, my job resembles that of an independent businessman – but with a great supporting team: I recruit my teams, I invoice my clients, I run the processes end-to-end, I organise conferences, get new clients on board, negotiate the price of our services, etc. It’s a big challenge to have all this responsibility but I think it’s an important part of your personal growth. And of course I can always count on my manager having my back. That’s very characteristic of Deloitte – you should write that down, he says in all seriousness, without a hint of a joke.

The time you spend, the effort you make… it really pays off. It makes you grow rapidly and prepares you well for your future career journey. 

An ambitious and independent young man, Mikkel still identifies an example of excellent coworking as his biggest moment in Deloitte:

Last year, when I was still new at Deloitte, I got an assignment that was impossible to complete inside the timeframe we had been given. But we made it: with almost the entire office helping, we managed to do six weeks’ worth of work in only two weeks thanks to great teamwork. The satisfaction of delivering this piece of work on time… being the new guy in the office and still everyone’s arms were open, willing to help me out. To me, that was one of those moments when you think to yourself: This is an amazing workplace!

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