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About Tax & Legal

In Tax & Legal, you find informal, social, dedicated and adventurous people, who treasure the opportunity to connect with other cultures, travel to new countries and discover the benefit of new technologies. Characterised by an extraordinary team-sprit, they strive to develop their clients, society and themselves.

Teams of specialists

As five separate service lines, our tax professionals work together across borders, levels and ages to be the greatest team and to create the best solutions for our clients. Each service line is a unit of highly specialised people and this unison fuels curiosity, innovation and an exceptional collaborative spirit.

“Everyone performs as a team and takes personal responsibility for us to become a success. It is very characteristic for us, that we do not work for each other but with each other. We collaborate in a way, where everyone can learn. That inspires me and makes me look forward to go to work every day.” // Anne Bach, Partner, Tax & Legal. 

Your next adventure is just around the corner

Our work calls for flexibility and the ability to adapt to new situations, both when it comes to big projects where many countries are involved or urgent day-to-day tasks. Therefore, our daily work life is filled with excitement and is never boring.

Because of our solid global integration and truly globally connected work, we can set a team within few hours or send subject experts across the globe if expertise is suddenly needed. We are ready to solve a client’s problem with very specialised competencies and knowledge. A career within Tax & Legal offers plenty of challenging work and new adventures to the ones who seek them. Whether you have the heart of a globetrotter or just a burning heart for tax, you will fit in and get plenty of opportunity to grow and make your mark.               

Global network with local roots    

Furthermore, our international collaboration with other Deloitte offices is extensive and unique expertise is just a phone call away. In a work environment like ours, you naturally learn to navigate in multicultural teams, build cultural understanding, and learn how to design solutions that can meet different cultural needs. Therefore, even though many of us like Excel sheets and structure, we are true people persons and strong communicators, motivated by the opportunity to explore a problem from many angles and bringing together different perspectives.       

Our vision is to move tax departments ahead in a digitalised world

With new technologies evolving faster than ever, digitalisation is naturally top of mind. Our future focus is on how we can help tax departments move ahead with their digital transformation and be prepared for a more automated digital environment.

Imagine a future where a tax department can source work through a shared service center, power certain repetitive functions through automation and provide predictive analysis to internal stakeholders. Imagine using A.I. to search and recommend correct tax codes and identify exceptions, and many other functions.

We are good at imagining. And you, who can also imagine are sought-after as well: you, who want to make your mark and work in a field where the possibility of making an impact is never-ending. You, who will thrive in an environment where your contribution enables our clients, society and yourself to develop and move forward – each and every day. 

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