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Give people the opportunity to succeed

Benedicte thrives on her work and is inspired by the challenging tasks, clients and dedicated colleagues. She also believes that flexibility and an understanding of individual needs is key, when it comes to foster great performance.

Trustworthiness and team spirit

When you ask Benedicte what makes her job most meaningful, she points out her colleagues.

“It means a lot to be surrounded by people, who are authentic, driven, ambitious and willing to go an extra mile for the team, and to always be there for each other. We show joint responsibility on a project; our goal is to deliver the quality needed for us to succeed and we care about the wellbeing of all. It creates a very energetic, productive and safe environment, where everyone does his or her best in every setting. I really appreciate that.”

“Furthermore, I experience leaders who take their time to develop their team members and meet their individual needs. We are many kinds of personalities in Tax & Legal, who call for competent and understanding leaders who can adapt their leadership styles to unfold the potential of their teams. I admire and value that. And as Senior Manager I myself try to be an engaging and motivating project lead for my teams,” Benedicte says with a thoughtful expression.


A great role model

It is obvious to see that Benedicte is motivated by helping young consultants move their development in the right direction.

“I try to be conscious about giving feedback and reflect on what we are doing and why, so that we as a team can make use of our learnings. In addition, I find it extremely important to align the opportunities for development in the project with my team members’ individual expectations. I do my best to be a great role model. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be hard to prioritise when the projects are demanding. Therefore, I encourage my team members to proactively seek feedback, so it becomes a joint responsibility.”

One of the reasons why time can feel limited to Benedicte is due to her part-time position with one weekly day off. A choice she has made to balance her life priorities, so she can invest her energy equally between her family and her career. An arrangement that offers flexibility, but calls for structure and an ability to prioritise among tasks.

“I experience great understanding and respect for my current priorities. Moreover, I feel that the young consultants are happy to have diverse leaders and see my situation as a possible option in the future. I believe, I have the same opportunities to be part of interesting projects as my peers and that is an important message for me to send. Of course, a part-time position demands structure, but so does a full-time position. Therefore, my advice to young professionals is to be true to themselves and be conscious that every choice demands something,” Benedicte states with a confident smile. “So, go ahead and make the choice you feel allows you to be your very best.”

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