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Deloitte Female Academy – because the future belongs to us all.  

At Deloitte, we believe that our differences are the source of our strength. We are convinced that diversity in both mindsets, experiences and educational backgrounds is key if we want to deliver the best solutions to our clients, to contribute to society and fully play to our strengths as a community.

Today, we have the potential to attract and retain even more bright female minds that can contribute to that diversity. For us, leveraging differences as a catalyst for innovation is not only important to us as a company. It is important to us as a player in society.

We believe that it is a joint responsibility to display a multifaceted portrait of an ambitious career path. Because the future belongs to us all – but only if we can mirror ourselves in it.

We are thus deeply committed to empowering both men and women to put their talents into play and reach their full potential. Deloitte Female Academy is one out of a wide range of initiatives introduced to support this agenda, and aspires to give potential future female leaders a taste of that.

Therefore, whether you define yourself as a Business Quant, Digital Business Strategist, IT-specialist, Software Wizard, Strategic Audit Wizard, People Strategist, Analytics & Maths Master, Social Scientist or an Innovation Artist, Deloitte Female Academy is the place for you.


"It is rewarding to be a part of a network of like-minded women who can inspire and challenge me as a person, while also having fun. It has definitely sparked my interest in management consulting and given me a unique insight into Deloitte.”

// Simone Stieglitz, former Participant in Deloitte Female Academy and consultant at Deloitte.



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