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We care about your professional and personal development. It is essential to us that you evolve in a direction that truly motivates you and that you get all the tools and fundamental skills necessary to keep up with both the interesting challenges and the great opportunities that Deloitte Consulting will offer you. This is the reason why we have developed Consultant Academy, which is our internal training programme customised for new consultants.

Consultant Academy is your way of getting fresh and cutting-edge consulting skills and having fun in the process.


Deloitte’s Consultant Academy was a super nice way to get started in the new role as a consultant. It was one week full of hands-on experience with real-life case solving, learning about being a consultant, fundamental consulting skills and project-oriented work but also a lot of socialising with all my new consultant colleagues in an amazing setting! It is truly amazing to get experiences like this that allow us to learn and develop, both personally and professionally.
// Nicoline Cigdem Brandenborg Jensen, Consultant, Human Capital

A refuge to challenges, relations and development
The work as a consultant is often project-oriented and network-based, and this training programme brings the concrete skills you need into play.Dedicated people from the whole of Deloitte Consulting will ensure that you get some hands-on experience with real-life cases that will transform your learning into capabilities. They will take you on a very exciting educational journey and share their specialised knowledge and personal experiences. Not only will they teach you the handiest tools; they will also help you make important reflections on your role as an adviser and ensure that you will be able to get through with messages and facilitate and manage your work independently.

Consultant Academy is your journey from being a consultant to becoming a formidable adviser. 

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