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Your interests set the direction

Jonas has been in Deloitte almost his whole career and embarked on his journey in Deloitte as an auditor. However, his interest in tax auditing lead him to a position in Tax & Legal, which gave him the opportunity to explore new areas of interest.

There is green blood running through his veins. The same green as the dot in the Deloitte logo. Naturally, as Jonas has developed his professional self in the Deloitte community only with a little walk around the block. Why is that?


A network without borders

“There is a very strong professional environment in Deloitte. You always appreciate to be surrounded by highly skilled people every day who contribute to inspire and develop you. Moreover, hierarchy does not have a strong presence in our daily work-life, which is great. You always experience that people listen to you no matter what your title is”, Jonas states and smiles.

“In addition, there is an incredible flexibility in order to balance ones’ priorities. Personally, I live in Svendborg with my family and work in Copenhagen, which sometimes calls for greater flexibility and understanding - occasionally working from home balances the equation.”

 “Another amazing thing about being part of Tax & Legal is the global network. I can always reach out to a specialist who possesses the knowledge I need. The distance between people are short across borders, titles and teams. We perform a lot of cross-border work and participate in courses around the world, why our network literally becomes borderless.”


Explorer of opportunities

“My work is best described as balancing on the edge between specialised tax and management consulting. I run global compliance projects for clients, where I am the first point of contact. After that I navigate the client to a tax consultant, so they get the best advisory assistance.

One of the more challenging aspects of my position as project lead, where I really have developed a lot, is regarding communication and structure. As first point of contact and responsible for matching project scope with client needs, you realise the importance of the tone of voice. How direct can I be? How polite do I need to be? And how can I ensure that everyone is aligned? When 100 countries are collaborating on a proposal and you only have a month – you learn how to structure, communicate and align - fast”, Jonas laughs and you can tell he enjoys complexity.

He describes how the actual task can inspire him. Especially when it is within new areas or involves the opportunity to use new technologies. The eagerness to create is apparent and he loves to inspire his teams and to experience the special energy of inspiration.

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