Audit Assistant working in Top Tier, but that barely covers it.

First and foremost, I am an auditor, but I am also a department leader, recruitment lead in Top Tier, an MSc (Business Economics and Auditing) student, and a real ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) enthusiast collaborating with ESG specialists across different functions in Deloitte.

Before joining Deloitte, I juggled all kinds of student activities. I studied for a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration at Aalborg University while being a junior marketing consultant at Akademikernes A-kasse, a student adviser at Aalborg University, a member of the Study Board, and a tutor. If I ever had any free time, I spent it hanging out with my fellow students in the Friday bar.

Days of challenging puzzles
I do not have average workdays! My days are a puzzle; the pieces are a mix of financial audit, ESG audit, department leader activities and recruitment. And I love it! My main focus is our Top Tier segment – meaning mostly listed companies. It means we have to comply with Danish and International Standards on Auditing. Sometimes it can be very complex, but that is what makes it exciting and challenging for me.

Sharing is caring
You get the vibe in Deloitte that you can do or be anything you like. All you need is to share. Tell people what you need or dream about, and people will help you. We take care of one another – and even though we all want to succeed as individuals – we are only truly successful when we win as a team. Personally, I know I have had a great day when I can honestly say that I made a difference, an impact that mattered to my colleagues or clients. Simple like that!

Hunting high and low
In my spare time, I do all kinds of stuff! Hanging out with friends, running, yoga, knitting – and I have just started taking hunting lessons to get a hunting license. So, I will probably be a surprise to people outside Deloitte, but we actually have plenty of time off to do whatever we like. You do not have to work 60+ hours a week to succeed at Deloitte! In fact, I think the most talented and interesting people are those who also have a rich life outside of work.

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