Senior Consultant working in Systems Engineering

I work in Systems Engineering supporting our clients with the technical part of their digital transformation. As my background is quite broad, I act in agile and actual development/implementation roles.

I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and management and a master’s degree in systems engineering; both acquired at the University of Munich. Before joining Deloitte, I worked as a scrum master and in other IT project management-related roles. During that time, I developed an interest in the technical part of my business and started becoming a self-taught developer. This journey continued at Deloitte, where I now act in technical and non-technical roles.

A ride from the frontend to Copenhill
In the past year, I have worked as a front-end developer with a hint of automated end-to-end testing and CI/CD pipelines. On this project, we work agile, which means our day starts with a daily stand-up meeting, at which the whole team gathers to talk about what we are going to deliver that day. The rest of the day is filled with coding and pairing with my colleagues to solve our problems together. Besides client work, I am engaged in Deloitte’s internal activities, from proposal and community work to organising skiing events at Copenhill.

Delivering digital solutions across sectors
My work is not very specific to industries, and I have worked for both the public and private sectors (consumer products). Typically, I join an ongoing client project, which I then support with my knowledge and services. Whether my client is a global toy company or a public institution, my work is mostly about developing and delivering digital solutions. I help with everything from process to implementation. I have noticed that many areas of the Danish public sector are very advanced when it comes to digital solutions.

Positive energy as a motor and motivator
I bring positive energy and high motivation to the client. A great day at work is when I can contribute to the team and our project goals while having learned something at the same time. Additionally, I enjoy social interactions. To me, positive team energy is key to having a great time at work. When everyone on the team is motivated and thriving, I believe that is when the magic happens.

A unique spirit and a scent of beer
The Deloitte spirit is what I am here for. It is generally very easy to find someone who is an expert in an area you might struggle with, and so far, I have always gotten the support I needed. That was incredibly valuable, especially on my journey towards becoming a developer as it removed obstacles, reduced frustration, and accelerated my learning. Besides that, I experience my colleagues as very driven, and exciting initiatives are always coming up. Last but not least, I could see myself having a beer after work with basically all of my colleagues.

Wakeboards and water music
In my spare time, I love to do sport and play music. I enjoy wakeboarding, as this is a water sport independent of the weather, which is important with a busy schedule. If I can find space in my calendar, I love to go surfing. You will probably find me with my friends at one of the many dance floors in Copenhagen during the weekend.

Full throttle or a slow success – your choice!
One of the strongest prejudices about working at Deloitte might be that you are forced to work day and night and will be burned out after two years. However, this is not the case anymore, especially in the tech area. While the number of hours might be higher than in other positions, I experience a lot of freedom to design my workload to fit my current goals and life situation. Full throttle at work is possible to have a fast career track, but it is also possible to go a bit slower – it is a conversation we have with our leaders every year.

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