Senior Consultant working in Operations Transformation

I focus on transforming our clients’ core business operations to prepare for growth and maximise operational efficiency by leveraging emerging technologies and disruptive capabilities.

Master’s degree in economics and business administration from Aarhus University with a short stay in the United States, learning more about data analysis. I joined Deloitte right after my studies, but before that, I worked with logistics at one of the biggest grocery providers in Denmark, with warehousing at a small clothing company, and most recently with consulting services for the Danish utility sector.

Early bird with a varied work day
The cliché is actually the truth; no two days are the same. However, I try to implement some habits. I enjoy getting started early in the morning, and usually, my workdays begin at around 7 a.m. Then I have time to go through some emails, check the latest news from national and international news outlets, and structure the rest of my day. From there, my days can take many different turns. Some days, I find myself in meetings all day, gathering information and bouncing off ideas with clients. On other days, I have time to dive deep into analyses and prepare presentations for my senior stakeholders. I switch between working at the client’s site, home, and the office. However, one thing is for sure; I always make sure to catch up with my colleagues when we are in the office together.

The best things in life are free
A great day for me is very simple. I only need three things: a good cup of coffee, a good laugh with some colleagues, and the feeling of accomplishment by helping our clients. But I also enjoy non-client-related tasks. Besides my “real work”, I enjoy planning social gatherings for my colleagues, ensuring that new joiners are onboarded to our team in the best way possible, and hosting exciting events for university students who want to learn more about Deloitte. In my spare time, when I am away from my computer, I love to be physically active. Besides playing on one of the Deloitte football teams, I try to convince myself that I am a pretty decent runner and cyclist. Besides that, I prioritise spending lots of quality time with my friends and family.

Diversity on common ground
I believe it is very obvious to everybody working at Deloitte that people genuinely want to help each other succeed and that everybody is included and treated with respect. You can indeed come as you are. My workday is also quite diverse, and up until now, I have been engaged with four different industries: energy, personal safety equipment, luxury consumer goods, and bioscience. Common for all four is that efficient business operations are vital for their competitive advantage. I have, among other things, worked on organisational simplification, operating model design, and post-merger integration.

Not as stiff as we may seem
The strongest prejudice I have heard about Deloitte is that we supposedly have a corporate stiffness, meaning that we need to wear formal business clothes all the time (e.g. white shirts and suits) and that we work around the clock. However, even though that occasionally is the case, we have a huge focus on ensuring that we keep being a company where every type of personality is included and where you can make a career that fits you the best.

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