Digital Process Optimization

Unlock the potential for improvement in your company

The benefits of Process Mining and Process Bionics are comprehensive, the possibilities complex. Yet access to these management concepts can be very simple. Deloitte offers a three-tier service model with various levels of deployment. It ranges from a test run to a comprehensive technology rollout to a holistic bionics approach.

  • The Proof of Value service provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities of Process Mining based on real data from the business. This involves zooming into a selected typical process, which is examined using standard methods and then further analyzed in workshops. The first insights for optimization potentials quickly emerge.
  • The Process Diagnostics offering expands Process Mining – with a focus on quantifiable measures and specific recommendations for action. The goal is noticeable impact and a fast return. Deep Dive analyses shed light on processes across system boundaries. Process landscapes are maintained and developed, potentials for robotic process automation and the reconfiguration of systems (e.g., during migration to SAP HANA) are pointed out.
  • The third stage, Continuous Evolution, aims to embed Process Bionics deeply in the company's DNA. Seamless integration of capabilities, dedicated governance structures and comprehensive training programs lead to a sustainable competitive edge.

No matter the level on which you want to start: with the Deloitte Center of Process Bionics as a partner, companies can take advantage of the direct benefits of Process Mining already today. And at the same time make a start with tomorrow's process management: into a holistic and continuous further development of the company with the goal of a best-in-class process landscape.

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