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We support clients during litigation and business disputes.

We help our clients navigate the dispute resolution processes, with the preparation of robust written reports and with the provision of expert testimony. We provide objective, robust, and independent insight and advice to help clients in the resolution and avoidance of disputes throughout the dispute life cycle.

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M&A-related disputes

We assist both buyers and sellers through the post-closing stages of deals and provide services in an M&A context to determine matters in M&A-related disputes, including arbitration and insurance cases.

Intellectual property (IP) disputes

When intellectual property has been violated, we assist our clients with different stages of the IP dispute, including unannounced inspections and dawn raids, evidence collection, investigation of the violation and loss calculation.

Dispute advisory

We provide dispute advisory services to our clients and assist them in protecting value and reputation by addressing serious issues before they turn into crises. Working as expert advisers alongside our clients’ legal counsel, we are able to provide technical advice coupled with valuable insight into appropriate data for quantum claims, alternative scenarios, and assessment of realistic quantum.

Loss adjustment advisory

We assist our clients with calculation, documentation and verification of loss operation claims across industries.

Our industry expertise

Deloitte’s global reach and client base enable our dispute resolution specialists to draw on an extensive depth and breadth of sector expertise from leading industry experts across the globe. As a result, we are able to deploy deep experience and subject matter expertise across a wide range of industries, including, in particular:

Infrastructure and capital project disputes: Environmental issues, increased regulations and narrow margins challenge construction and infrastructure projects. The causes of disputes in these projects can broadly be categorised in four ways: owner-related (i.e., change in scope, payment delays), contractor-related (i.e., financial failures, time delay), project-related (i.e., contract, design) or external factors (i.e., weather, site conditions). Irrespective of the cause of dispute, our experience in the sector enables us to assist our clients with: monitoring major projects, understanding the valuation of construction and infrastructure projects and companies, consequential loss of profits claims across permitted jurisdictions or loss of profits on relocation, analysis of additional costs of work and delay deductions, change orders, overage claims and defects rectification, data analytics, electronic disclosure, insurance claims from loss of profits following rectification work and similar, cost verification work, contract reviews and bribery investigations and termination losses.

Energy and resources disputes: The energy and resources sector invest in large capital-intensive projects that can take many years to generate a return on investment. During the life of a project, changes in technology, economic conditions, host governments and joint venture partners can often lead to disputes. There are typically numerous high-value contracts and business acquisitions/ disposals, all of which have factors which are unique to the industry sector and require specialist industry experience and expertise to interpret. In addition to providing expert opinion and advice on a range of quantification accounting issues, we have many years of experience in working with licence or concession agreements, production sharing contracts, service contracts, joint venture agreements, joint operating agreements, gas supply agreements, pricing agreements, tolling agreements, pipeline and processing tariff agreements, insurance contracts, and sale and purchase agreements.

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